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Terms and Conditions

Use of this web site is subject to these "Terms and Conditions" and any other rules or policies that are published on this web site. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using this site. By using this web site, you agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions described hereafter. Inabanga.com reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.

Services of Inabanga

This site is owned and operated by Inabanga.com. The site provides on-line information about Inabanga Retreat, Bohol, Philippines.

Copyright, Restrictions and Use

The contents displayed on this web site, including but not limited to text, graphics, animations, logos, trademarks are the property of Inabanga.com and/or its customers and are protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other intellectual property laws. You may not use, modify, adapt, or in any way alter these materials and contents without the permission of Inabanga.com. You agree not to use any contact information and e-mail addresses that can be found on the web site to send any unsolicited commercial information. This web site may contain links to other sites. Inabanga.com does not monitor these other sites and is not responsible for the contents of such sites. Your access to such sites via the links contained on this web site is wholly at your own risk.

Inabanga Payment Procedures

Where services ae provided, they are according to individual agreements and contracts signed with customers. Once such individual arrangements have been made, we invoice for the services after deliveries have been made. Detailed conditions of payments are set in individual agreements. All payments are made based on invoices of Inabanga.com. We accept payments by Bank wire transfer and Paypal in U$. All necessary information like wiring instructions are advised when invoices are sent.

Personal Information

Inabanga.com has a very strict non-misuse policy and does not collect any personal information on this web site. Any personal information voluntarily disclosed by you on this web site will never be abused or sold to any third party. All information is strictly confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to accurately serve you and your business.

Contact Information

You may contact Inabanga Retreat.com with any questions, clarification request and discussion on services provided and these Terms and Conditions.


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