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The Man made Forest

The Man made Forest\

The Man Made Forest can be reached by land, about a few minutes ride from Tagbilaran City to close in on the 20-kilometer distance>. It is found along the margins of ‘Tina-I sa Manok’ road, a winding pathway from Loboc to Bilar.

Bohol’s Man Made Forest is basically a two-kilometer rainforest with mahogany trees as the main features. Years before, the very site of the Man Made Forest is populated by different plant species, most of them are wild, until the Boholanos decided it is time that they take control of the forest. The Man Made Forest is notable for its very orderly structure. The trees are uniformed in height and in many other ways including the leaves’ design.

The real joy of exploring the Man Made Forest is going all the way up the winding road, which is very identical to a chicken’s intestine. As you drive up, all that you can see behind is the luscious greens that are uniformed in height and are spread out as if they are guarding something down.


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