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is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. It has an approximate population of 40,714 people in 7,867 households. It has a land area of approximately 13,166 Hectares and consists of 50 Barangays.

The people are engaged in trading, fishing, farming and nipa thatch-making. The women are weavers of saguran, mats, blankets, hats, mats, bags and basket.

Anonang Datag Mabuhay
Bahan Fatima Maria Rosario
Badiang Hambongan Nabuad
Baguhan Kauway Napo
Banahao Ilaud (Pob.) Ondol
Baogo Ilaya Poblacion
Bugang Ilihan Riverside
Cagawasan Lapacan Norte Saa
Cagayan Lapacab Sur San Isidro
Cambitoon Lawis San Jose
Canlinte Liloan Norte Santo Niño
Cawayan Liloan Sur Santo Rosario
Cogon Lomboy Sua
Cuaming Lonoy Cainsican Tambook
Dagnawan Lonoy Roma Tungod
Dagohoy Lutao U-og
Dait Sur Luyo Ubujan


Inabanga River of the town of Inabanga was once infested with crocodiles. Every year, since time beyond recall, a human life was lost through attack by a crocodile. The people being superstitious in nature believed that the yearly loss of life was a rental (abang) for the use of the river. Hence the name Inabangan River (Rented River). The Spaniards, however, met difficulty in pronouncing Inabangan, consequently called the place Inabanga. And so it has been to this day.

The people are engaged in trading, fishing, farming and nipa thatch-making. The women are weavers of saguran, mats, blankets, hats, mats, bags and basket.

Congressional District : 2nd
Income Classification : 5th
Population (2000) : 40, 714
Population Density : 2.84
No. of Households : 7,867
Average Size of Households : 5.17
Land Area (in Hectares) : 13, 166 has.
No. of Barangays : 50
Distance from Capital : 71 kms
Travel Time from Tagbilaran : 1 hr. & 30 mins.

The local goverment in Inabanga is based on the Municiplaty system.

Inabanga is classed as 3rd class Municipality, with annual average income during the last three years as P30,000,000 or more but less than P40,000,000.

Municipality (bayan, sometimes munisipyo, in Tagalog) is a local government unit in the Philippines. Municipalities are also called towns (which is actually a better translation of bayan).


Provinces are composed of cities and municipalities. Municipalities, in turn, are composed of barangays or barrios.

A municipality is headed by a municipal mayor who is the executive officer. The legislature is composed of the vice-mayor (bise-mayor) and eight councilors (kagawad or konsehal). The eight councilors, plus the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) (Youth Council) President and the Liga President, form the Sangguniang Bayan (Municipal Council). All are elected public officials who serve 3-year terms and a maximum of three consecutive terms.

The Vice-Mayor presides over the legislature, but cannot vote except to break a tie. Laws or ordinances proposed by the legislature (Sangguniang Bayan) may be approved or vetoed by the Mayor. If approved they becomes law. If the Mayor neither vetoes nor approves the proposal of the Sangguniang Bayan for ten (10) days from the time of receipt, the said proposal becomes law as if it had been signed. If vetoed, the draft is sent back to the Sangguniang Bayan. The latter may 'override' the Mayor by a vote of at least 2/3 of all its members, in which case, the proposal becomes Law.

The Mayor

The mayor of Inabanga is Jose Jono Jumamoy who was elected as mayor during the elections held last May 14, 2007.

He is the son of third term mayor, Josephine Jumamoy, who was also elected Provincial Board Member of Bohol in the same elections. The twist? Jono is only 21 years old. Already, a local newspaper is speculating that he might just be the youngest mayor in the Philippines.

Jono has a double degree in Management and International Business at Northwood University at West Palm Beach, Florida. He gave up an opportunity to work in the US even after securing a work permit there and a position at the World Bank. He won by over 6,000 votes against his political opponent.


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