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Inabanga Tropical Retreat
, a mixture of modern luxury and native life is located in Inabanga Bohol, Philippines. It is easily reached from Cebu in the Philippines and from Bohol's main airport at Tagbilaran.

Route from Cebu to Inabanga
Route from Cebu to Inabanga

In order to get to Inabanga Bohol from Cebu, you must get first from
Cebu to Tubigon then from Tubigon to Inabanga. As of now, there is no way to get directly to Inabanga Bohol from Cebu.

So to get to Inabanga from Tubigon you can ride the following:



V-hire - this will take 30 mins.

PUJ/ Jeepney - this will take 45 - 60 mins.

BUS - this will take 45 - 60 mins.


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